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             Reisa Alexander
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Reisa Alexander...a life of dance !

     Reisa Alexander is a professional dance instructor who has been training, coaching, and competing for over twenty years. She is a sincere professional who takes her work and the trust her students place in her quite seriously. Reisa has studied and mastered the techniques of movement and performance from many dance styles and internationally recognized coaches. She has also formulated her own unique knowledge and theories of dance from over two decades of competitive dance, martial arts, and fitness. Reisa has synthesized these experiences into a teaching style which incorporates high level techniques into fundamental patterns to help students most readily progress toward fabulous dancing. Imagine catching the eye of onlookers with a few basic dance patterns that look and feel marvelous! Imagine the feeling of floating across the floor, grounded and confident!

      Reisa’s primary professional training was under Jim & Janelle Marantos, Two Time US National Professional American Smooth Champions as well as Bob Powers, Thirteen Time US National Professional Rhythm Champion. Additionally Reisa trained, tested, and received teaching certifications from the U.S. Terpsichore Association in American Smooth, American Rhythm, and International Standard. In addition to the hundreds of hours of training under Marantos and Powers, Reisa has had many hours of coaching with Ron Montez, Seven Time US National Professional Latin Champion; David Hamilton, Three Time US National Professional American Smooth Champion; David and Sharon Savoy, Four Time Blackpool Professional Exhibition Dance Champions; Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin, US National Professional Latin Champions; Edward Simon, US National Professional American Smooth Champion; Susan Puttock, Three Time US National Professional Standard Champion; David Elkin, Five Time US National Professional Theatrical Champion; Kerry Wilson, Australian Professional Modern and Latin American Champion; Pierre Dulaine, Four Time World Show Dance Champion; and Pierre Allaire & Mireille Veilleux, Canadian Professional 10 Dance Champions.
     Competitively, in west coast swing, Reisa - along with her former, professional partner, Cody Melin - won the professional showcase swing and cabaret divisions at Swing Fling Washington, DC. Reisa also won over forty country western competitions, including the World UCWDC Division I Showcase Championship, an amazing total of twenty-five Division I Showcase Grand Championships, and fourteen Master's Championships, including a World Two Step Master’s Championship. She has also competed with amateur students at ballroom and country western events. In country, her male students have won world championship titles in all four categories of classic pro/am: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro/Pro.
     Reisa has coached many competitive couples in ballroom, west coast swing, hustle, and country western dancing.  Assisted by a vast technical knowledge and choreography experience, Reisa's primary focus is to help dancers look spectacular and express themselves dynamically on the dance floor! 
     Reisa holds a number of fitness certifications, including pilates, yoga, BodyPump, PiYo, and SilverSneakers. After many years of training, Reisa has also attained the level of black sash in Kung Fu. Reisa has a bachelor of arts degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
      Reisa currently resides in western Massachusetts where she teaches group classes and private lessons in ballroom and latin dance along with other couples dances - west coast swing, hustle, nightclub two, and country western. Reisa is also a personal trainer who specializes in hard core fitness routines which include traditional training techniques along with pilates and yogo movements.  Additionally, Reisa is a certified senior fitness trainer, working with individuals hoping to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness throughout their lifetime.